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It says it on the tin. I plan your personal trainer programme around your specific needs. I don’t just copy what I deliver in one of my group exercise classes, I spend time assessing the way you move then create exercises based on this assessment and put them into a personal trainer programme that moves you closer to your fitness goals.

Whether it be HIIT training, strength training, cardio workouts or you want me to write you a workout routine I can deliver.

My personal trainer clients are often training and doing fitness for something specific (Triathlon, Marathon, game of rugby) – preparing clients for their activity is my personal trainer speciality. Each one of these activities has its own unique physical and mental demands. The personal trainer programme I build for you will have this in mind, thus making it bespoke (& personal) to you and your sports / activity. If you’re looking for weight loss then my understanding of how to work with energy systems will help you reach your goals quickly too.


Let’s say you’re training for a Triathlon, which ultimately requires you to be fast in the water, on the bike and on the run. My knowledge of how to train for speed (what makes you faster) in these disciplines means the training we do together is immediately transferrable to the sport. I will not only improve your overall fitness, making you better at all physical activity I will make you faster for Triathlon.

An exercise to improve speed


I don’t like the idea of you handing over a big lump of cash every time your 10 personal trainer sessions is up, so I’ve broken it down by month. Each package gives you a certain number of personal trainer sessions with me per week (see below), but it’s priced monthly. Check it out!

How many sessions per week?Price per monthPro rata price per session
Single Personal Trainer session£60


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