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I believe you can achieve anything when you’re physically confident. The confidence to know you can go out and run 10K, swim a mile without stopping or even complete a triathlon transfers into everything you do including your metal health and motivation at work.

Your corporate well being programme will completely transform your work place! Whether your business is ‘ripped and lean’ already, or ‘still carrying a few Christmas pounds’ my corporate well being programme or as I call it the ‘HIITme’ programme will send staff health, well being, morale and productivity through the roof!

HIIT training is a very short, sharp and efficient way of exercising. Basically it means you get more benefit for less time worked! It’s perfect for a busy work place where we always complain “we don’t have enough time for exercise!”

Exercise is great for keeping in you shape and maintaining a healthy ticker! Fitter people have less health problems, more energy for life and higher morale. Fitter people are also much more productive at work.

HIITme programme breakdown: 

  • 30 minutes total session time including warm up and warm down.
  • 10 participants plus would be ideal in order to get the maximum from the team games.
  • No gym equipment required. I will provide all kit, in addition to using individuals’ body weight.

Your HIITme programme can be done before or after work, or at lunch time, so whether it’s once, twice or three times per week the HIITme programme will be super convenient for you.

We will work around your business needs, surroundings and timings to make Hiitme happen for you!

Proven Well Being Benefits of Exercise:

Here are some articles from new research released in July 2016. All of them mention the serious health risks and ‘early death’ associated with office jobs and a lack of exercise. They summarise that seated office work and in activity is more deadly then smoking!

Please click on the links:

BBC Report on Sedentary workplaces

Evening Standard: Office work ‘more deadly than smoking’

Cosmopoliton: [Increased likeliness of death]

Daily Mail: “…exercise everyday is needed…”

Your corporate fitness package will be based on 4 pillars:

  • Team Building – Train together, stay together and be strong together
  • Health – Bulletproof your body by being fit and healthy (no more sick days)
  • Play – This fitness is fun so you can de-stress (I’ll even let you play games)
  • Resilience – Yep! You’ll be made to work hard, so be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone.

Let’s see an end to burpees to death, silly styles of fitness or just feeling broken after fitness. Because of our advanced style of fitness, you’ll be left feeling strong and prepared for life in the fast lane.

Best thing is I’ll come to you. Outdoors, indoors it doesn’t matter. Get in touch to talk about your requirements.

I’m a real stickler for professionalism too. please check out my ‘above board’ page, which highlights my qualifications and insurance credentials.

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