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Outdoor fitness classes, corporate well being programmes and Personal Trainer services in Waterloo, London. Hi! I’m Howzer an MFT Personal Trainer and owner of the business. My passion for fitness started years ago when I discovered high intensity training. It’s helped me maintain my physique and I want it to help you maintain yours. I deliver personal training services, corporate well being packages and fitness classes in London, which are a mix of body weight exercise and running workouts as well as using some fun equipment all to get you direct results. Please get in touch below to talk about be being your personal trainer.

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Howzer Hall

I’m a Bristol boy originally. I still love my home city dearly but after numerous travels abroad I’ve settled in London to set up my personal trainer business. There’s so much going on in London, it’s a great place to live in and explore.
I’m a personal trainer and will help you hit your goals both individually or within a team.

Favourite sandwich: Decent thick cut ham with grainy mustard and salad on fresh wholemeal grannery bread. No tomatoes though, they make the bread go soggy!

Favourite music: I’m an indie kid at heart! Big Stone Roses fan, classics like the Rolling Stones too.
I can turn my ear to most things though. Just not garage.

Favourite possession: My black Ray Ban Wayfarers. I’ve got a real pair and I love them. The style of them hasn’t changed for 60 years. They’re an absolute classic design!

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